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Undercover Academy - Survival Tactics (Module IV)


October 21, 2020


8:00am - 4:30pm


Waukesha Police Dept. Range




The survival tactics taught in this class are geared towards the specific needs of Law Enforcement Officers working undercover. Students will learn defensive tactics precisely designed for the unique situations they may face in the confines of a vehicle or other close quarters encounters.

This module includes firearms training where students will learn how to overcome the challenges of utilizing concealed weapons during covert operations. Students will acquire skills that enhance their ability to employ unconventional firearms on the street.

Equipment needed: Body armor, undercover handgun, holster, 500 rounds of ammunition, eye protection and hearing protection.

It is recommended that Undercover Academy students also attend Module I: Undercover Investigations, Module II: Surveillance & Team Tactics and Module III: Tactical Operations.

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