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The Bulletproof Mind - CANCELLED


May 18, 2020


8:00am - 4:30pm






WCTC, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, will be presenting a day of training with Lt. Grossman that is a MUST for all police officers, educators and community leaders.

His credentials speak volumes on him being an expert on the psychology of killing. He’s an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.

Grossman’s talk will cover numerous topics of importance to law enforcement and school administrators - training educators and children to be prepared to fight and how to fight.

“You try to prepare for violence – the thing much more likely (than fire) to kill our kids in schools, the thing hundreds of times more likely to kill our kids in school (than fire) – and people think you’re paranoid,” he says. “They think you are crazy. They are in denial.”

He will challenge teachers and law enforcement to not only stop the attacks from taking place in schools, but first to overcome denial. He will tell you “it can happen here.”

“Police officers must train with teachers so they are familiar with the schools, and so teachers know what to do in the event of an attack, he says. School officials must keep all of the schools’ doors locked, lock their classrooms, have room numbers stenciled on the inside of the doors and be vigilant about checking out everyone who goes into the school.”

“Be prepared to fight,” he says. “If you don’t teach what to do, you’re teaching them nothing… don’t just stand there and wait for your turn to die.”

Lt. Col. David Grossman Warns Schools, Safety Officials… Be Prepared to Fight!

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