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Session Title

Defensive Driving for Teens


October 10, 2020


8:00am - 4:30pm






Class Description:

This is a fast paced, exciting class taught by local law enforcement officers that also instruct our public safety professionals on vehicle operation! No need to worry about using your car as we will provide the vehicles for your teen.

The teens will take part in classroom instruction involving traffic laws, accident scenarios and risky driving behaviors. They will also have hands on driving instruction on evasive maneuvers, braking, navigating roundabouts and basic instruction of vehicle operation.

This 8 hour class will be held at the WCTC Transportation Building, Room T-103 and is designed for the teenage driver (ages 15-19).



What to Bring:

  • Lunch
  • Temps or Driver’s License
  • 12 hour driving experience form (will be e-mailed to you)
  • Payment. Student must bring:
  • Check or money order made out to WCTC



    Minimum Requirements:

  • Twelve hours driving experience
  • AND Temps or Driver’s License

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