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Reid Interview & Interrogation - Advanced


December 10, 2020


8:00am - 2:30pm






You’ll learn…

  • How to psychologically profile suspects for the interrogation
  • Seven ways to get defiant suspects to listen to you
  • How to improvise tactics when the nine steps aren’t working
  • How to address consequences openly with suspects whose fear of punishment outweighs the anxiety to confess
  • Nine ways to change the suspect’s perception of the interrogator by using bonding statements
  • Four ways to lead a suspect more quickly to an admission whey they are neutral, or have tuned you out
  • How to reverse the suspect’s own defensive tactics to elicit a confession
  • Three tactics to get suspects to confess when alternatives have not worked
  • How to use procedures of evidence implication as an interrogational strategy

Why I Should Attend the Advanced Course…

  • Excellent interrogators are not born, but are a result of hard work and proper training.  The advanced seminar will increase your confession rate.
  • You will learn tactics and techniques you did not receive in the 3-Day Reid Seminar that many times make the difference between getting the confession and failing.
  • You will continue to be on the cutting edge of the most sophisticated and updated material on interrogation offered anywhere.
  • You will receive the training from instructors who work for Reid and are considered to be some of the best interrogators in the world, as well as top-notch instructors.

All material will be backed up with videotapes of actual interrogations conducted by the Reid staff

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