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Creative Review

The Creative Review is an evaluation process that helps establish expectations in the Graphic Design program. Students will learn about the program's structure, and instructors will learn what each new student's current experiences are with graphic design.

Before you are eligible to participate in the creative review, you must:

  1. Apply to WCTC.
  2. Pay the $30 application fee.
  3. Submit your high school transcripts.
  4. Complete placement testing.

Verify that you have completed these items.

Schedule Your Creative Review

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be given a short design project to complete. Pencil and paper will be supplied. Once that is completed you will meet with one of the Graphic Design instructors to discuss your history with art and the portfolio that you bring along.

Please bring a printed copy of your essay as well as five pieces of original art/design work, which show off a variety of your talents. Include sketches and drawings that show your creative process as well as any other types of art that you have made. Actual artwork or printed samples are preferred.

Written Essay

Read over the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and write an essay about what you learned from it. The website provides you with a description of the occupational outlook for graphic designers and also outlines the type of work performed by designers. Review this occupational field thoroughly and then respond to the questions listed below. Please have your essay printed out and ready to hand in at your Creative Review.

After you thoroughly understand the content, please type answers to the following questions. Submit your answers in the form of a 1-2 page essay, using your own wording. Do not copy and paste from the website.

  1. Describe the responsibilities and type of work performed by graphic designers.

  2. What academic and artistic abilities are required for success in this field based on your review of this career?

  3. Why are you enrolling in the Graphic Design program at WCTC? What are your long- and short- term goals?

  4. How do your interests and abilities compare with the requirement for being a successful graphic designer?

  5. If you are admitted to the Graphic Design program, you will be required to purchase a Macbook Pro laptop computer and a one-year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. The total cost of these resources will be approximately $2500. Will you be able to meet these requirements before you begin the first semester of your program?

If you have questions regarding any of these steps, please contact Kristen Himsl Hunter.

There are currently no scheduled sessions. Please check back later or call Kristen at 262.695.3400 for more information.