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Nontraditional Occupations

A nontraditional occupation (NTO) is any job in which your gender makes up less than 25 percent of the workforce — for example, women in the skilled trades or men in healthcare. There are many benefits to taking a nontraditional path:

  • Increased job satisfaction if it's a job that allows you to use your strengths and skills
  • Higher wages (women in non-traditional occupations, on average, earn 20 to 30 percent more than women in traditional careers)
  • More job opportunities
  • Financial security
  • Good benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement

Career Events for Nontraditional Occupations

Career Events for Nontraditional Occupations

Interested in exploring a nontraditional occupation? Attend one of our free, hands-on career workshops! Topics include Architectural Drafting for Women, Healthcare for Men, Electronics and Engineering for Women and more. Learn more and register to attend.