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Centennial Stories: Nick Dillon


Nick DillonNick Dillon

WCTC Foundation Board Member
Business Owner, Best-selling Author, Leadership Consultant and International Speaker

What led you to teach at WCTC?

I started as a Marketing instructor in 1997. I enjoyed teaching and really believed that teaching was one of my callings. I soon became connected with the corporate learning division at WCTC and was able to get more deeply involved with corporate training and development. I have taught classes in cultural competence, safety management, construction safety and psychology. In 2021, I left teaching at WCTC, and I recently moved to Dallas to start another leadership consulting business.

What makes WCTC a great place to learn?

WCTC is a great learning place because not only are the instructors extremely qualified, but they bring a lot of real-world experience to the classroom. They are able to take the curriculum and make it come to life with some amazing practical applications and experiential stories for students to identify with, ultimately giving them a realistic view of the profession that they are looking to go into.

How do scholarships benefit WCTC students?

Scholarships from the WCTC Foundation help students with the cost of books and education. In today’s economy, the expanded cost of living prices can be overwhelming. Some of our adult learners are not the traditional students fresh out of high school and very well may be parents or coming back to school. Any little bit helps the cost of getting through the program.