Centennial Stories

Centennial Stories: Justin Aprahamian


Justin AprahamianJustin Aprahamian

WCTC Alumnus, Culinary Management '02
Head Chef and Owner of Sanford Restaurant in Milwaukee

What made you choose WCTC?

I had heard great things about the program and the instructors. I also appreciated the proximity and affordability.

How did WCTC set you up for success?

I think back to my time at and leaving WCTC. It really gave me the confidence to go out and be a professional. There’s always a lot to continue learning, but knowing I had a strong foundation and open mind because of WCTC gave me great attitude heading out for a job.

What's your favorite memory from WCTC?

So many great memories. We had a great class of students and teachers that really challenged us to get the most out of every day we were there. I took part in several ACF functions and various food and cooking competitions. I learned interesting elements of cooking, technique and being in some high-pressure situations.

How is life after graduation?

I still look back fondly in my time at WCTC and think and talk about what I learned there with my staff at Sanford Restaurant.