Centennial Stories

Centennial Stories: Janixa M. Franco-Gonzalez


Janixa M. Franco-GonzalezJanixa M. Franco-Gonzalez

Current WCTC Student, Early Childhood Education
WCTC District Ambassador 2022-23

What made you choose WCTC?

I chose WCTC because of the affordability, flexibility of classes, small class sizes and the overall hands-on experience throughout my program.

How is WCTC setting you up for success?

WCTC is setting me up for success by allowing me to get experience in my field from day one so that by the time I graduate, I am comfortable in my setting, made connections in the field and have plenty of experiences to put on my resume!

What are the greatest benefits of a WCTC education?

The greatest benefits of a WCTC education are graduating with little to no loans, getting networking opportunities through professors and programs, graduating with experience in my field and having an easy transfer process if you want to continue your education.