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Centennial Stories: Bradley Wooten


Bradley WootenBradley Wooten

Current WCTC Student, Graduating in 2024
IT - Cybersecurity Specialist and IT - Network Specialist
BA, Philosophy, Journalism and Mass Communication from UW-Milwaukee, 2007

What made you choose WCTC?

I'm changing careers entirely. I wanted to learn a new, specific skill set. I spoke to a representative from the graduate school of my alma mater and discovered it did not offer coursework that taught the specialized skills I wanted to know. WCTC does. The low cost and proximity to my home made the decision much more straightforward.

How is WCTC setting you up for success?

The Business Information Technology faculty are personally invested in each student's success. I have never felt surer that if I put forth the effort, I would master the material. I have a personal cheerleading section as I tackle subject matters I've never approached. There are so many opportunities to be involved on campus; I feel empowered to make the most of this college experience. This college experience is drastically different from what I experienced in earning my four-year degree. My education feels much more in-depth, relevant and personalized, and I feel like something other than a number here.

What are the greatest benefits of a WCTC education?

I'm learning skills I can immediately apply in the workforce. These aren't abstract concepts that will have to be relearned by a future employer. Instead, the classes are tailored to what the businesses need now, and they’re taught in ways that reinforce the material.