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General Campus Information and Policies

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General Student Policies

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Acceptance of Gifts or Favors

No student may offer or give to any employee or the employee's family and no employee or member of the employee's family may solicit or receive anything of value from any student pursuant to an understanding that such employee's official actions, judgments, decisions or duties would be influenced.

Bad Weather/School Closings

In the event of conditions affecting the regular opening of WCTC, the following sources will give notices of any closing or cancellation:

  • A message on the front page of the WCTC website.
  • A text message and email notification from WCTC.
    • If a cell phone number was provided at the time of registration, the WCTC Alerts system will send information about emergency situations at the College or school closings to students via text message and their email account.
    • Students may also register additional cell phones and/or email addresses via the WCTC Alerts link on the myWCTC student portal.
Cellphones/Electronic Devices in Class

Mobile phones and electronic devices may be on during class, but only on the vibrate mode; the ringer must be turned off. Students must leave the room to answer the phone unless prohibited by course requirements. Be advised that departmental or course-specific rules may be more restrictive than WCTC's overall policy. The use of tablets, e-readers, personal computers and music devices in the classroom may be restricted in the same manner as cell phones.

Classroom Recording

Students are not permitted to make recordings of classroom lectures or activities using any recording devices (e.g., smartphone, tablet, computer, digital camera or other recording device), or make electronic copies of course materials (e.g., PowerPoints, formulas, lecture notes), unless prior permission from the instructor and/or an approved disability accommodation for recording is obtained.

  • If permission is granted to utilize a recording device in a classroom or other setting where other students are present, the instructor will announce to the entire group that a recording will be made. Those with privacy concerns should consult with the instructor.
  • Use of student recordings is limited to the student's personal educational purposes only. Recorded lectures or copied material must be destroyed at the end of the course.
  • Distribution (e.g., sharing, making copies, posting online, uploading to Youtube, etc.) of all/any part of a recorded lecture or course materials is strictly prohibited; it is a violation of WCTC's Student Code of Conduct and is subject to disciplinary action.
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Minors on Campus

Students who bring their children with them are prohibited from leaving a child under the age of 16 years unattended while in facilities or on grounds owned or used by Waukesha County Technical College. Students will not bring their children into the classroom unless specifically authorized to do so by the classroom instructor and only in order to enhance the learning process.

Personal Messages

WCTC does not accept and/or deliver personal messages to students other than in extreme emergencies.

Posters and Flyers on Campus

All posters and flyers to be posted on campus bulletin boards must be approved through the Student Life Office (room C-121). Only posters pertaining to campus activities, classes or services of a direct nature to student interests will be posted. All posters must be no bigger than 8.5x11 inches and must be in the designated area marked on the boards. Posters that are not approved and/or do not follow the guidelines will be removed immediately.

Additional information on the campus posting policy can be obtained from the Student Life Office.

Religious Belief Policy

WCTC will provide reasonable accommodation for class absences due to students’ religious beliefs concerning examinations and other academic requirements without prejudicial effect on the student’s grades. Follow these steps for accommodations:

  • Students must provide written notice to an instructor at least five business days in advance of the anticipated date/dates of absence for which they request accommodation regarding an academic requirement.
  • Faculty must allow students to make up any required work without prejudicial effect to grades.
  • Instructors are not obligated to schedule make-up assignments before the regularly scheduled requirements. However, make-up dates must be scheduled in a timely manner to ensure that a student’s preparation is not prejudiced.

For information on the policy, contact Student Life at 262.691.5302.


WCTC provides free surface parking on campus, including handicapped- and disabled-accessible spots. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle racks provided throughout the campus, while motorcycles must be parked in the main parking lots.

  • Do not park in roadways or otherwise reserved spots.
  • The Pewaukee Police Department is responsible for patrolling these lots and for all ticketing. All violations will be ticketed.

Public Transportation

Students living in the greater Waukesha area have access to the Waukesha Metro Transit System. Bus route 9 provides direct access to and from the WCTC Pewaukee campus Monday through Friday from.

For information and a complete listing of the routes and schedule times, please contact the Waukesha Metro at 262.524.3636. Tickets and passes are available at the WCTC Bookstore.


There is one ATM on campus, located in the College Center (Building C) near The Hub, adjacent to the Student Life Office in room C-121.

Nursing Mother's Rooms

Building B, Room B-085
Building H, Room H-231
Building S, Room S-134
Building Q, Room Q-397
Building W, Room W-104
Waukesha Campus, Room WK-139

Lost and Found

All lost/found items are held in the Welcome Center in the main College Center atrium, Room C-001. Call 262.695.6234 or email


Questions? Contact Student Life at or 262.691.5302, or stop by College Center, Room C-121.