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Session Title

Defensive Driving for Teens


Sept. 20, 2014


8:00am - 4:30pm


WCTC, Pewaukee Campus




Defensive Driving for Teens:
· One day (8 hrs.) of fast pace, exciting training
· Taught by police officers
· Designed for the teenage driver (ages 15-19)                                               
· Provides hands-on experience for driving emergencies
· Cars provided for behind-the-wheel in:
-       Evasive maneuvers
-       Skid control techniques
-       Braking methods
-       Steering
-       Basic concepts of vehicle dynamics and operations
What To Bring:
  • Lunch (cafeteria may not be available on weekends)
  • Temps or Driver’s License
  • 12 hour driving experience form (will be e-mailed to you)
  • Payment. Student must bring:
Check or money order made out to WCTC
            NO CASH PLEASE – Credit cards not accepted
            Do not send payment before class
Minimum Requirements:
  • Twelve hours driving experience
  • AND Temps or Driver’s License
*This class is structured for the teen driver (ages 15-19) that has already shown his/her ability to operate a vehicle with the level of confidence expected from a new driver.

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Registration for this session is now closed.