Early Childhood Education

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning has been identified as a critical pathway for increasing the number and percentage of child care teachers with a two or four year degree in the field. Through Credit for Prior Learning Assessment, students who can demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge that they have previously acquired through non-traditional schooling, work or other life experiences are awarded degree credits. Credit for Prior Learning offers a way for child care teachers to ease themselves into higher education pathways leading toward certificate and/or degree completion.

Qualified applicants may be eligible for free training for this course. To receive additional information, contact the Early Childhood Education department at ECE@wctc.edu.

307-117 ECE: Credit for Prior Learning

This 3-credit course examines early childhood professional experience for the purpose of receiving credit for prior learning. Examine program and course outcomes of the WTCS Early Childhood program, and learn how to compare, analyze and document professional experiences as they relate to early childhood competencies. Additionally, learn how to access support services on campus and online in order to reinforce development of a professional portfolio for credit for prior learning, and create a plan of action for program completion.


There is no prerequisite for this course.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 307-117-001

CRN: 20901
Tuition/fee: $424.95
Seats Open: 21
Instructor: Dresden, Alana K
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Courses available for CPL Credit

The following early childhood courses are available for Credit for Prior Learning Evaluation. Click on any course to see the competencies required for the course and possible sources of CPL evidence that may be required

* Additional courses within the degree program may be considered for prior learning assessment based on an individual’s experience. Contact the ECE Program Advisor or Associate Dean of the Program for more information if seeking CPL credit for courses other than those listed above.

Process for Applying for Credit for Prior Learning

  1. Schedule a meeting with the ECE Program Advisor to discuss CPL opportunities you may be eligible for.
  2. Enroll in 307-117 Early Childhood Education: Credit for Prior Learning (link to course in course search). The course supports students in gathering evidence and developing their portfolios.
  3. Students enrolled in 307-117 receive 3 program elective credits upon successful completion of the course and are eligible to submit up to two portfolios (6 credits) for prior learning assessment. Note: Additional portfolios may be submitted and are subject to an assessment fee of 50% of the course tuition.
  4. Portfolios submitted will be evaluated within two weeks of the end of the class.
  5. Decisions regarding CPL credit are final and assessment fees non-refundable.