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152-179 JavaScript 2

This course focuses on creating dynamic web applications using JavaScript frameworks. Use Modern JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, to create interface interactions, animations, controls and themes in Web applications. Additionally, with the help of PHP, JavaScript will be used to create data-driven content using Ajax techniques.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 152-179-001

CRN: 10113
Tuition/fee: $583.00
Seats Open: 0
Instructor: Kowalchuk, Tyler J
Dates: 08/22/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 10:00am-12:20pm
Room: G128

Offering number: 152-179-002

CRN: 10114
Tuition/fee: $583.00
Seats Open: 1
Instructor: Kowalchuk, Tyler J
Dates: 08/22/18-12/12/18
Days: Wednesday
Times: 05:00pm-07:20pm
Room: G128


Dates: 08/27/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday
Times: 05:00pm-07:20pm
Room: G129

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