Petition Process for Surgical Technology, Health Unit Coordinator and Medical Assistant programs

WCTC’s Surgical Technology (ST), Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) and Medical Assistant (MA) programs use a petition process to move students into core program courses. The petition process is important in securing core classes necessary to individual programs, and it is more effective than a waitlist approach.

Acceptance deferral to core courses

Students who are prepared to begin core courses should submit a petition packet. If a petition is accepted and the student chooses not to begin, their petition will be voided. They must submit a new petition packet — during a petition window — when they are ready to enter. All petition documents are destroyed after status notification.

Students who petition and do not get into classes are required to submit a petition packet during the designated petition window until they are admitted into the core courses.

Student selection for petition process

Students will:

Additional information and requirements

Students are encouraged to attend an information session – Orientation to the Petition Process – which provides further details. Additionally, all documents are available on the portal.

Once a student is accepted, they will need:

Core program course readiness

The program material within core courses for ST, HUC and MA is demanding and requires a solid commitment from the student. Below are considerations for determining if a student is ready for the workload.