Petition Process

Petition for Entry Form Applications

Petition to Enter Process - FAQ

What is the "Petition Process"?

Students who are ready to begin taking the core nursing courses let us know by "petitioning," They must have met the requirements as outlined on the Petition Form and be personally ready to begin an intensive course of study.

NLN PAX Test Requirement

Effective for Fall 2014 applicants and forward, students are required to pass the National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination (PAX) as part of the Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) Nursing Program entrance requirements. The PAX is a good indicator of success in a nursing program. Candidates must achieve an overall score of 100 or greater and a verbal relative performance score of 50 or greater. There is a maximum of 3 attempts. Applicants must wait 4 months between each attempt.

*Info for LPN Progression Students

LPN Progression students do not participate in the Petition Process. LPN Progression students must enroll in the 543-123 LPN Progression Transition course prior to petitioning for the core nursing courses. The transition course is only offered in fall semesters and is meant to prepare students for spring placement at the 3rd level of core courses. Please contact the Program Advisor for more information.

What are you petitioning for?

You are petitioning to begin both the theory and clinical nursing courses. The course numbers are 543-101 through 543-116.

Does WCTC maintain wait lists for Nursing?

No. Nursing students are required to submit a petition packet and signed Petition Form indicating their readiness to begin the core nursing courses. The Petition Form will be available on the WCTC web site one week prior to the petition window. Do not use the "Sample" form.

There will be two petition windows each year:

  • March 1-14 for fall semester
  • September 1-14 for spring semester

Can students defer their acceptance to the core clinical courses?

No. Only students who are prepared to begin core nursing courses should submit a petition packet. If a student's petition is accepted and they chose not to begin, their application will be voided. They MUST submit a new petition packet, during a petition window, when they are ready to enter.

If I petition this year and do not get in, do I need to petition again?

Yes. Students will need to submit a petition packet during the designated petition window until they are admitted into the core nursing courses.

With the petition process, how are students selected?

Students will be selected based on completion of program requirements and date of nursing program application.

How will I be notified if I am selected or not?

You will receive a letter from the Program Advisor within 60 working days of the petition window deadline. DO NOT call or email to inquire about your selection status.

Are there any additional requirements once I am accepted?


  1. You will need to have an acceptable Criminal Background Check. Some violations prohibit obtaining clinical placement and subsequent employment as a nurse. If you have questions regarding your history, talk to the Program Advisor or the Dean of Health Occupations. Dishonesty on the self-disclosure form will eliminate you from the nursing program. If you have any issues that may come up on the CBC be sure to mark "yes" to #1.
  2. You also will need to meet the health requirements which include up-to-date immunizations or positive titer (MMR, Varicella), Hepatitis B series in process or completed, influenza, negative TB skin test or chest x-ray.
  3. You will be required to fill out a form verifying that you can perform the essential duties required of a nurse.
  4. You must attend the mandatory nursing orientation session help on campus, prior to the start of classes Specific dates and times will be given to you. This on-site orientation session is not optional!
  5. If you are a LPN to ADN Progression student, you will be required to pass the Nursing Skills Mastery test within one month prior to entering ADN level 3 advanced skills and/or clinical course.
  6. All students in the core course are required to submit to a 10 panel drug screen annually.

Am I ready to begin core nursing courses?

How do I know if I am truly ready to begin core nursing courses?

We encourage you to carefully think about the following prior to submitting your petition form.

Should I work while in core nursing courses?

The more successful students work a limited amount of hours each week. The core nursing courses demand an extraordinary amount of time. Working a full-time job is extremely difficult to do while enrolled in the core courses. We strongly suggest not working or working a small number of hours per week.

Have I completed all of the general education courses?

WCTC requires that all general education courses must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better before being considered for the core nursing courses.

Have I included my family?

The more successful students have supportive immediate and extended families. Family members will soon learn that you will not be as readily available as in the past. These adjustments can be very difficult so we encourage students to have an honest dialogue with family members before submitting a petition form.

Is this the “right” time for me?

Beginning core nursing courses will require a great commitment on your part. Ask yourself “Is this the right time for me to begin the program, do I have reliable childcare, do I have reliable transportation, am I financially prepared?

Is this the “right” career for me?

Students are encouraged to explore their career field fully. The Counseling and Career Center staff will gladly assist you in the career exploration process. Students are encouraged to complete career assessments in the Career Center, enroll in the Introduction to Health Careers course, attend nursing informational meetings or talk with professionals in the field to determine a “good fit”.