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858-786 Pre-College Reading

This non-credit course is for students identified by placement testing. Focus on improving nonfiction-reading skills related to vocabulary in context, implied and stated main ideas, supporting details, patterns of organization, inferences, and argument. Students who pass Pre-College Reading can advance to Introduction to College Reading and Study Skills.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 858-786-001

CRN: 10853
Tuition/fee: $4.50
Seats Open: 6
Instructor: Taylor, Karen L
Dates: 08/22/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 12:00pm-01:50pm
Room: E113

Offering number: 858-786-002

CRN: 10854
Tuition/fee: $4.50
Seats Open: 10
Instructor: Paulson, Tracy E
Dates: 08/22/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 04:30pm-06:20pm
Room: S129

Offering number: 858-786-003

CRN: 10855
Tuition/fee: $4.50
Seats Open: 8
Instructor: Boesen, Julie H
Dates: 08/23/18-12/18/18
Days: Tuesday Thursday
Times: 09:00am-10:50am
Room: A104

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