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Summer 2015 Semester Courses

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806-178 Life Science Chemistry

Explore a wide range of topics, including inorganic and organic chemistry. During the inorganic portion of the course, study topics including measurements and conversions, matter and the kinetic molecular theory, periodic table, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, solubility, gases, problem-solving and solutions, equilibrium and acid-base behavior. The organic chemistry portion introduces chemical structure as well as physical and chemical behavior of organic molecules. Many of these topics are related to the field of animal science.

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Offering number: 806-178-001

Prerequisite(s): 804-138 Physical Mathematics or 804-110 Elem Algebra w Apps or 834-110 Elem Algebra with Apps or 804-115 College Technical Math 1 or 804-107 College Mathematics or Associate Dean approval; and COMPASS-Reading Skills or 858-775 Reading - Program Readiness or 838-105 Intro Reading & Study Skills or TABE Advanced Reading or Accuplacer Reading Comprehensi or College Proficiency - Reading or ASSET-Reading Skills or COMPASS/ESL - Reading or ACT-Reading
CRN: 5126
Tuition/fee: $699.50
Seats Open: 24
Instructor: Markova, Minka A
Dates: 06/15/15-08/06/15
Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Times: 09:00am-11:50am
Room: E201

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