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Spring 2016 Semester Courses

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662-190 Electronic Circuits I

Discover the characteristics of common non-linear circuit elements. Investigate the important parameters of diode, transistors, voltage regulators, operational amplifiers, and thyristors. Explore the analysis and design of: power supplies and amplifier systems incorporating Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) and Field Effect Transistors (FETs). Utilize computer-aided circuit design, simulation and analysis software. Continue to develop troubleshooting skills.

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Offering number: 662-190-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 662-104 AC Circuit Analysis (or concurrent)
CRN: 20595
Tuition/fee: $558.40
Seats Open: 7
Instructor: Trawicki, Thomas J
Program Restriction
Dates: 01/19/16-05/12/16
Days: Tuesday Thursday
Times: 04:30pm-07:20pm
Room: I215

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