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605-196 Drives and Intro to Servos

Explore the basics of DC and AC drives, including operational controls, characteristics, drive functionality, and PC and field bus interfacing. Gain hands-on experience in drive set-up and wiring, and become familiar with servo control during lab work. Learn safe troubleshooting and testing practices.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 605-196-001

Course Notes

CRN: 10559
Tuition/fee: $298.50
Seats Open: 2
Instructor: Miller, Dennis A
Dates: 08/24/18-12/14/18
Days: Friday
Times: 05:00pm-08:50pm
Room: I112

Offering number: 605-196-002

Course Notes

CRN: 10560
Tuition/fee: $298.50
Seats Open: 3
Instructor: Miller, Dennis A
Dates: 08/27/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday
Times: 08:00am-11:50am
Room: I112

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