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605-187 Electronic Data Communications

The fundamental principles of analog and digital communication will be developed. The concepts of analog communication include modulation (transmission) and demodulation (reception) will be applied to amplitude modulation (AM). This will include Fourier series expansion and the development of the frequency domain, transmission power, and fundamentals of antenna and electromagnetic wave behaviors. The digital communication segment focuses on Internet communications to include; Parallel and Serial communications, Line Coding, Multiplexing and Demultiplexing, and the TCP/IP protocol Suite. Nyquist Sampling and Shannon Noise Theorems will be developed.

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Offering number: 605-187-001

Course Notes

CRN: 20551
Tuition/fee: $451.95
Seats Open: 3
Instructor: Buschhaus, Karl R
Program Restriction
Dates: 01/23/18-05/15/18
Days: Tuesday
Times: 03:00pm-04:50pm
Room: I215


Dates: 01/25/18-05/17/18
Days: Thursday
Times: 03:00pm-05:50pm
Room: I215

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