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Summer 2015 Semester Courses

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605-118 Digital Electronics I

Study practical digital electronics including binary number systems, basic logic components and the more complex logic devices such as multiplexers, de-multiplexers, and analog/digital and digital/analog converters. An introduction to Boolean algebra will be made.

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Offering number: 605-118-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 804-110 Elem Algebra w Apps or 804-118 Interm Algebra w Apps (or concurrent) or 804-195 College Algebra w Apps (or concurrent) or 804-196 Trigonometry w Apps (or concurrent) or 804-198 Calculus 1 (or concurrent) or 804-115 College Technical Math 1 (or concurrent)
CRN: 5079
Tuition/fee: $279.80
Seats Open: 18
Instructor: Steker, Robert A
Dates: 06/15/15-08/05/15
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 08:00am-11:50am
Room: E113

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