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Fall 2015 Semester Courses

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605-102 Introduction to Electronics

Explore basic concepts and theories of direct and alternating current circuits, including the application of Ohms, Watts and Kirchoffs laws, to series, parallel and series-parallel circuits. Apply concepts to power supply circuits and learn proper use of voltmeters, ohmmeters and oscilloscopes.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 605-102-001

Course Notes

CRN: 10604
Tuition/fee: $429.30
Seats Open: 2
Instructor: Eckroth, Kurt V
Dates: 08/28/15-12/18/15
Days: Friday
Times: 07:30am-12:20pm
Room: E113

Offering number: 605-102-002

Course Notes

CRN: 10605
Tuition/fee: $429.30
Seats Open: 0
Instructor: Stuller, Jesse W
Dates: 09/01/15-12/22/15
Days: Tuesday
Times: 05:30pm-10:20pm
Room: E113

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