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Spring 2014 Semester Courses

510-447 Foundations of Dementia Care

Activities this course will explore three different aspects of dementia care. In "Understanding Wandering", gain important information about the role of wandering in dementia, develop strategies for promoting safe wandering and learn how to respond to wandering residents. In "Reducing Risk of Falls", learn ways to reduce and prevent injurious falls by promoting mobility, identifying and removing fall hazards and monitoring fall risk factors on an ongoing basis. In "Promoting Restraint-Free Care", examine ways, that -- even in the restraint-free communities -- residents may be unintentionally restrained and learn how to proactively address residents' needs to maximize autonomy and well-being.

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Offering number: 510-447-001

CRN: 22788
Tuition/fee: $69.00
Seats Open: 180
Instructor: Gettrust, Kathleen V
Dates: 03/10/14-03/10/14
Days: Monday
Times: 08:30am-03:25pm
Room: C

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