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Spring 2014 Semester Courses

510-425 Music, Activity and Dementia

Activities are an integral part of life--especially for the person with dementia. This seminar will focus on the role of music activities. Join us to learn about your personal response to music and explore how your experiences can be applied to caregiving. Learn about how the brain is positively affected by creativity and how to incorporate music daily. This program is highly interactive and requires your participation and insights. Come ready to explore and stretch your horizons!

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Offering number: 510-425-001

CRN: 22789
Tuition/fee: $69.00
Seats Open: 177
Instructor: Gettrust, Kathleen V
Dates: 03/27/14-03/27/14
Days: Thursday
Times: 08:30am-03:25pm
Room: C

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