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Fall 2016 Semester Courses

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508-102 Oral Anatomy, Embry, Histology

Apply detailed oral anatomy knowledge to planning, implementing, assessing, and evaluating patient care. Identify distinguishing characteristics of normal and abnormal dental, head, and neck anatomy and its relationship to tooth development, eruption, and health.

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Offering number: 508-102-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 806-177 Gen Anatomy & Physiology
CRN: 12469
Tuition/fee: $692.60
Seats Open: 0
Instructor: Taft, Sara K
Permit Restriction
Dates: 08/25/16-12/20/16
Days: Tuesday Thursday
Times: 08:00am-09:50am
Room: H222


Dates: 08/26/16-12/16/16
Days: Friday
Times: 08:00am-09:50am
Room: S118

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