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Fall 2016 Semester Courses

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457-165 Metal Fabrication 2

Apply layout, blueprint, weld symbol interpretation, dimension conversations, welding, machine set-ups and fabrication skills to safely complete metal fabrication projects correctly. Emphasis on advanced programming of the press brake is addressed. Maintain safety in the shop for all operations with hand tools and machinery. Writing documentation for machine safety to prove comprehension. Identify first aid, 5 "S" and the use of indoor cranes.

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Offering number: 457-165-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 804-301 Applied Math (or concurrent) or 804-304 Industrial Math I (or concurrent); or 804-113 College Technical Math 1A (or concurrent) and 457-350 Metal Fabrication Welding 1 or 442-150 Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW); and 457-360 Metal Fabrication 1 or 457-160 Metal Fabrication 1; and 457-110 Blueprint Reading - Fab
CRN: 12357
Tuition/fee: $848.25
Seats Open: 3
Instructor: Cook, Michael J
Dates: 08/25/16-12/19/16
Days: Monday Thursday
Times: 05:00pm-06:50pm
Room: I144


Dates: 08/25/16-12/19/16
Days: Monday Thursday
Times: 07:00pm-09:50pm
Room: I145

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