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Spring 2017 Semester Courses

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405-115 Collision Panel Replace/Align

Apply straightening and welding skills along with procedures for restoring corrosion protection. Learn the importance of fastener selection, panel replacement and alignment procedures including interior and exterior trim components.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 405-115-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 405-121 Auto Collision Fundamentals (or concurrent) or 405-100 Auto Collision Fundamentals (or concurrent); and 405-126 Collision Panel Repair & Prep and 405-135 Collision Repair Electronics and 442-160 Auto Collision Welding
CRN: 20865
Tuition/fee: $832.60
Seats Open: 9
Instructor: Miller, Shad E
Program Restriction
Dates: 03/09/17-04/17/17
Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Times: 01:00pm-05:50pm
Room: SK103

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