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314-134 Baking Pastry Prod and Mgmt 1

The first of two courses in bakeshop production and management, this course will cover production planning and scheduling, equipment use and planning, retail packaging and sales, and production of multiple products for retail and wholesale use. Emphasis on management, costing, pricing in support of production. Students will also expand their production skills and knowledge base.

Course Credits


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Offering number: 314-134-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 109-135 Food/Bvrage/Labor Cost Control and 314-132 Bakeshop Production and 314-124 Pastry, Specialty Plated Dsrt
CRN: 10238
Tuition/fee: $713.25
Seats Open: 8
Instructor: Gasparek, Michelle S
Program Restriction
Dates: 08/23/17-12/19/17
Days: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Times: 01:00pm-04:50pm
Room: A190

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