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Spring 2015 Semester Courses

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314-130 Plated Desserts

This course builds on knowledge and skills from prior course work to create simple and complex plated desserts, balancing flavors, textures, colors, aromas and plate layout, garnish and presentation for an assortment of menu and service styles.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 314-130-001

Prerequisite(s): 314-126 Cookies/Bars/Petit Fours Sec and 314-127 Custards/Mousse/Souffle/Fr Des and 314-129 Pies, Tarts, Fillings (or concurrent) and 314-123 Cake Production and Decorating
CRN: 20892
Tuition/fee: $156.15
Seats Open: 16
Instructor: Gasparek, Michelle S
Dates: 04/20/15-05/11/15
Days: Monday
Times: 02:30pm-05:15pm
Room: A190


Dates: 04/21/15-05/13/15
Days: Tuesday Wednesday
Times: 02:30pm-05:15pm
Room: A194

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