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Spring 2016 Semester Courses

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304-111 Applied Interior Design

Apply previously learned skills to residential and commercial design problems. Develop a design concept, apply design principles, and present a project. Enhance portfolio through class projects.

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Offering number: 304-111-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 304-110 Interior Design Co-Op I or 304-126 ID/Arch Internship 1; and 304-120 Interior Design Co-Op II (or concurrent) or 304-127 ID/Arch Internship 2 (or concurrent)
CRN: 20214
Tuition/fee: $418.80
Seats Open: 7
Instructor: Lawton, Leslie A
Dates: 01/18/16-05/16/16
Days: Monday
Times: 01:30pm-03:20pm
Room: S128


Dates: 01/20/16-05/11/16
Days: Wednesday
Times: 01:30pm-03:20pm
Room: S207

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