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204-136 Cross Media Workflows I

Gain a fundamental understanding of the key variables, systems and phases of production workflow. Emphasis will be placed on job planning, implementation strategies and decision-making processes for print and e-media production workflow. Optimize work for specific production requirements as well as to optimize content and workflow strategies for cross media applications. The two software applications featured in this course are Adobe Dreamweaver and Pageflex.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 204-136-001

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 204-113 Page Layout/InDesign or 204-115 Digital Page Layout; and 204-121 Digital Illustration and 204-131 Image Editing/Photoshop and 204-139 Digital Workflows (or concurrent)
CRN: 10210
Tuition/fee: $644.60
Seats Open: 13
Instructor: Pipp, David C
Program Restriction
Dates: 08/25/17-12/15/17
Days: Friday
Times: 07:30am-12:20pm
Room: G125


Dates: 08/29/17-12/19/17
Days: Tuesday
Times: 09:30am-11:20am
Room: G125

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