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Spring 2016 Semester Courses

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102-160 Business Law I

Examine legal doctrines impacting business from the perspective of a business owner or manager. Topics include foundations of law and judicial procedures, tort and criminal law, contract law, intellectual property protection, consumer law, business liabilities, personal and real property rights, and the various forms of business organization. Business leaders may use legal insight to manage risks and limit their liabilities.

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Offering number: 102-160-003

Course Notes

Prerequisite(s): 801-195 Written Communication or 801-136 English Composition 1
CRN: 21635
Tuition/fee: $412.80
Seats Open: 30
Instructor: Palmer-Quade, Nicola L
Dates: 01/21/16-05/12/16
Days: Thursday
Times: 06:00pm-08:50pm
Room: B005

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