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Offering CRN Title Seats Open Instructor Tuition/ Fee Credit Dates Days Times Room Restriction
809-199-00110816Psychology of Human Relations2Pumphrey, Khyana K $431.25308/22/18-12/17/18Monday Wednesday 02:00pm-03:20pmE113 
809-199-00210817Psychology of Human Relations3Plato, Gary J $431.25309/05/18-11/28/18Monday Wednesday 11:30am-01:20pmE218 
809-199-00310818Psychology of Human Relations8Melnick, Michael S $431.25308/23/18-12/18/18Tuesday Thursday 10:30am-11:50amE113 
809-199-00410819Psychology of Human Relations0Melnick, Michael S $431.25308/28/18-12/18/18Tuesday 12:00pm-02:50pmB079 
809-199-00510820Psychology of Human Relations21Melnick, Michael S $431.25308/22/18-12/17/18Monday Wednesday 07:30am-08:50amB089 
809-199-00610821Psychology of Human Relations18Weathers, Jasmin W $431.25308/23/18-12/18/18Tuesday Thursday 07:30am-08:50amE113 
809-199-00710822Psychology of Human Relations5Pumphrey, Khyana K $431.25308/22/18-12/17/18Monday Wednesday 10:30am-11:50amE113 
809-199-00810823Psychology of Human Relations6Rodrigues, Julia R $431.25308/28/18-12/18/18Tuesday 06:00pm-08:50pmE104 
809-199-00910824Psychology of Human Relations7Hirn Mueller, Dana E $431.25308/27/18-12/17/18Monday 06:00pm-08:50pmE115 
809-199-01010825Psychology of Human Relations0Ricciardi, John A $431.25308/22/18-12/12/18Wednesday 06:00pm-08:50pmE104 
809-199-01110826Psychology of Human Relations0Liner, Annie C $437.103
Online Course Info and Required Orientation
809-199-01210827Psychology of Human Relations3Ruesink, Mitchell K $437.103
Online Course Info and Required Orientation