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Offering CRN Title Seats Open Instructor Tuition/ Fee Credit Dates Days Times Room Restriction
804-123-00120672Math w Business Apps11Purves, Kiersten R $424.95301/23/18-05/15/18Tuesday 11:30am-02:20pmB079 
804-123-00320674Math w Business Apps8Wieler, Robby L $424.95301/23/18-05/17/18Tuesday Thursday 10:00am-11:20amE102 
804-123-00420675Math w Business Apps6Wieler, Robby L $424.95301/22/18-05/21/18Monday Wednesday 09:30am-10:50amB106 
804-123-00520676Math w Business Apps13Trudeau, Koren N $424.95301/22/18-05/21/18Monday Wednesday 12:00pm-01:20pmE207 
804-123-00620677Math w Business Apps4Nicolai, Richard A $424.95301/23/18-05/15/18Tuesday 06:00pm-08:50pmB089 
804-123-00720678Math w Business Apps7Krill, Daniel E $424.95301/24/18-05/16/18Wednesday 06:00pm-08:50pmE102 
804-123-00820679Math w Business Apps11OBrien, John M $424.95301/25/18-05/17/18Thursday 06:00pm-08:50pmE207 
804-123-00920680Math w Business Apps8Diekfuss, Patricia M $424.95301/20/18-05/19/18Saturday 08:30am-11:20amB106 
804-123-01120682Math w Business Apps3Alamilla, Sarah A $431.103
Online Course Info and Required Orientation
804-123-01220683Math w Business Apps6Purves, Kiersten R $431.103
Online Course Info and Required Orientation
804-123-01320684Math w Business Apps4Alamilla, Sarah A $424.95301/23/18-05/17/18Tuesday Thursday 12:00pm-01:20pmE102 
804-123-01420685Math w Business Apps4Alamilla, Sarah A $424.95301/23/18-05/17/18Tuesday Thursday 12:00pm-01:20pmE102Permit Restriction
804-123-02021538Math w Business Apps4Alamilla, Sarah A $424.95301/22/18-05/21/18Monday Wednesday 09:00am-10:20amB073Permit Restriction