Block Schedule

Courses for Automation Sys Tech S4 Sec 01

Robotics and Servo Control

Offering number: 664-160-001
CRN: 21640
Day: M
Time: 05:30pm-10:25pm
Dates: 01/20/14-05/19/14

Automation Systems

Offering number: 664-161-001
CRN: 21641
Day: T
Time: 05:30pm-10:25pm
Dates: 01/21/14-05/13/14

Co-op Educ I-Ind

Offering number: 606-153-003
CRN: 21642
Day: W
Time: 04:30pm-05:25pm
Dates: 01/22/14-05/14/14

Intro to Sociology

Offering number: 809-196-041
CRN: 21832
Day: R
Time: 06:00pm-08:55pm
Dates: 01/23/14-05/15/14