Blended Option

Blended Options is a great fit for adults with some college, yet no degree, who are looking to maintain a work schedule while attending school in the evening.

Blended Options programs are organized into short, manageable segments (for example, one course every six to eight weeks) to accommodate students' work and family schedules. Additionally, core courses are guaranteed to be available on the same night per week for the duration of a student’s program, thus ensuring a consistent schedule. General education coursework may need to be completed outside of the set program schedule.

Select programs that can be taken through the Blended Options format:

This format offers technology-proficient students who have prior academic and work experience the chance to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in two years or less. These programs are designed for those who have a high career commitment, have a high level of self-motivation and strong time management skills, and who have had previous academic success while in school, but did not earn a degree.

Blended Options is fast-paced and rigorous; because in-class time is compressed, students will have significant work to complete outside the classroom using a variety of learning technologies.

Benefits of Blended Options programs:

Technology Requirements

Students must have easy access to the following computer hardware and software tools: