Plumbing Student

Plumbing (ABC)

5-year, 16-credit Apprenticeship

Plumbers possess the skills and knowledge to plan, install and service plumbing systems, which can include those connected to washers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and heating and cooling systems. In the Plumbing Apprentice program, day and evening classes are held at WCTC. WCTC ABC training center in Wisconsin offers apprentices top-notch training from highly skilled instructors. Day classes, for a total of 500 hours, are held on a one day/week schedule; evening classes are scheduled on a two-year rotation. Some classes are offered continuously.

The Plumbing apprenticeship is in conjunction with Associated Building Contractors (ABC), Wisconsin chapter, a national trade association for the construction industry.

Additional details about this program:

  • Contact Associated Building Contractors (ABC) of Wisconsin, 5330 Wall Street, Madison, WI 53718
  • Complete the ABC application packet, which will include qualifying test information.
  • After application approval, a list of potential employers will be provided.
  • Obtain employment for apprenticeship training; this is the responsibility of the individual seeking an apprenticeship.
  • While WCTC provides related apprenticeship instruction, the student does not need to apply to the college.
  • The State of Wisconsin oversees the apprenticeship system and will contact WCTC to set a class schedule.
  • Wages of recent graduates per Graduate Follow-up Report
    • Salary Range: $72,744-$75,000
    • Average Salary: $73,872
    • Median Salary: $73,872
    • Average Hourly Wage: $33.54

Program Code 50-427-9

Required Courses

First Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 427-523 Plumbing Repair1.25  
 427-501 Plumbing Related I2  
Total Semester Credits
Second Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 427-524 Plumbing Applications1  
 427-502 Plumbing Related II2  
Total Semester Credits
Third Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 614-540 Transit/Level for Plumbing.5  
 427-503 Plumbing Related III2  
Total Semester Credits
Fourth Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 442-507 Apprentice Wld Plumbing1  
 427-504 Plumbing Related IV2  
Total Semester Credits
Fifth Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 427-521 Isometric Drawing for Plumbing1  
 427-505 Plumbing Related V2  
Total Semester Credits
Sixth Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 449-500 OSHA Safety for Apprentices1  
 427-506 Plumbing Related VI2  
Total Semester Credits
Seventh Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 427-511 Blueprint Reading Intro.5  
 427-507 Plumbing Related VII2  
Total Semester Credits
Eighth Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 427-512 Blueprint Reading for Plumbers1  
 427-508 Plumbing Related VIII2  
Total Semester Credits
+ (Proficiency Exam Available)
* (Prerequisites or substitutes may apply to this class.)

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Credit Transfer Opportunities

WCTC has agreements with local high schools and various four-year colleges and universities that enable students to transition more seamlessly from high school to WCTC to four-year colleges. Transcripted credit agreements provide high school students the opportunity to take WCTC courses at their high schools. Agreements with four-year colleges enable WCTC graduates in selected programs to transfer credits, often at junior-level standing. Agreements currently in place for this program are listed below.

There are no credit transfer agreements for this program at this time. For more information, contact your academic advisor.

UW-System Credit Transfer

If you are interested in attending a UW-campus, you should contact a transfer representative at the campus you plan to attend. You may also check credit transfer agreements between WCTC and the UW System to tell you which specific courses and general education classes may be accepted.

Important Cautionary Note:
This information is intended as a general description. Please verify the availability and details of the program that interests you with the transfer coordinator at the receiving institution.