Office of Global Education

The Office of Global Education at WCTC recognizes today's global workforce needs and prepares students to enter an increasingly interconnected world. By offering various education abroad programs and educating international students on campus, WCTC is producing competent and competitive graduates.

International Students

Many students from around the world attend WCTC for a variety of reasons. Some are involved with international exchange programs, some come to take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and others come to complete a full academic program. Additionally, students can hold a variety of visas or statuses. For the sake of this page, and the following pieces of information, an "international student" refers to someone who is studying on an F-1 visa.

While WCTC does offer ESL for students, it is not considered intensive ESL for which WCTC would issue an I-20. Therefore, we are unable to accept students into our programs who require intensive English language training. Please contact the Office of Global Education for recommendations on area schools that offer intensive ESL.

International Student Admission Process for Initial F-1 Visa Entry

Note: If you are an international student on any other visa type, contact the Office of Global Education before beginning the admissions process.

Application Deadlines

  • May 1 for fall semester
  • November 1 for spring semester
  1. Submit International Student Application and F-1 International Student Recognition of Financial Support to WCTC's Office of Global Education.
    • Certain associate degree programs are unavailable to out-of-district and international students due to demand for the program and wait lists. Please consult the International Student Program Availability document for more information.
  2. WCTC mails admission packet (which includes admission letter, I-20 and WCTC-related information) to student.
  3. Pay SEVIS I-901 fee.
  4. Set up visa interview appointment at the closest US Embassy or Consular office.
    • Bring receipt of payment for I-901 SEVIS fee, acceptance letter, financial information, and all other related documentation to interview
  5. After visa approval:
    • Make travel and living arrangements in the United States.
    • Schedule ESL and Math COMPASS placement exams at WCTC.
    • Register for classes and mandatory new student orientation.
    • Meet with the Office of Global Education no more than one week after arrival in the United States.
  6. Begin your studies!

Education Abroad

The College focuses on offering short-term, credit-based, one- to two- week programs led by faculty. Each program is run by a different instructor with a passion for international travel and global issues. Most programs utilize summer or winter break to conduct the travel component. Students can expect pre-departure orientation and coursework, reflection while on the program, and either a paper or project following their return.

WCTC offers summer and semester education abroad programs though membership in the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP). Visit the ICISP website for locations and program information, and contact the Office of Global Education.

Education Abroad Application

Hans Böckler Schule Exchange: Frankfurt, Germany

Two weeks, May

This program is offered by an accounting instructor at WCTC. Students stay with host families for the duration of the trip. Time will be spent attending classes with German students, job shadows at accounting and legal offices, and learning various cultural lessons through cultural/historical outings and homestays with German families.

European Business, Education and Cultural Immersion: Vienna, Austria

10 days, November

In Austria, visit the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna for one week on this economics-based program. Students stay with a host family, attend courses taught in English, visit businesses and learn about the Austrian culture and people.

Transcultural Healthcare: Guatemala

10 days, January

This program combines students from the Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs in one setting. The program will feature providing community-based health education and dental care in a local Guatemalan dental clinic while also learning about nursing care in Central American hospitals. More information will be available as plans are developed.

Interior Design: Various Locations

10 days, March

Every two years, Interior Design students participate in an education abroad experience. In 2013, Interior Design students traveled to Spain, France, Monaco and Italy to learn about the historical principles of design and architecture.

Hospitality and Culinary Club: Various Locations

10 days, May

Inquire for more information

Tri-Country Consortium: Germany, Northern Ireland, United States

Two weeks, May

This program rotates each year through the countries listed above. Students will stay in hostels and hotels for the duration of the experience and participate in marketing/business related research and projects. Cultural tours and admission to local museums are also included as part of the experience.

Education Abroad Resources


Education Abroad Providers (not affiliated with WCTC)

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