This quick quiz may help point you toward your future career. Just check the boxes that apply to you, then hit submit to find out which WCTC programs match your work styles.

I like to work with my hands.
I have athletic or mechanical ability.
I prefer to work with objects, including machines and tools.
I like to be outdoors.
I like to work in creative endeavors.
I like to use my imagination.
I consider myself an innovator.
I am artistic.
I prefer to work in unstructured situations.
I would like to sell things or be in business.
I am a goal setter.
I would be a good teacher.
I want to be a manager.
I strive for economic gain.
I like to work in science laboratories.
I enjoy learning.
I like investigating and analyzing.
I am an observer.
I enjoy solving problems.
I like to work with details.
I am neat and orderly.
I am good with numbers.
I have clerical ability.
I follow directions.
I like to help others.
I like to inform and teach people.
I would like to train people.
I would like to cure people.
I am skilled with words.