501-104 Culture of Healthcare

An introduction to the culture of healthcare for students interested in working in various healthcare settings. Learners examine professionalism, interpersonal and written communication skills, problem-solving skills and patient privacy and confidentiality issues as they relate to healthcare.

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Sections this Semester

Offering number: 501-104-001

CRN: 20390
Tuition/fee: $284.80
Seats Open: 5
Instructor: Thorgerson, Juli A
Dates: 01/25/18-05/17/18
Days: Thursday
Times: 12:30pm-02:20pm
Room: H220

Offering number: 501-104-002

CRN: 20391
Tuition/fee: $284.80
Seats Open: 13
Instructor: Thorgerson, Juli A
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