101-113 Accounting II - Principles

Study account groups for their problems of composition, valuation, recognition, and appropriate accounting treatment at a basic level. Explore partnerships and corporations as well as financial statement analysis techniques. Do basic accounting problems and use a practice set to summarize principles used in Accounting I and II and to become familiar with systems procedures.

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Offering number: 101-113-001

CRN: 10011
Tuition/fee: $583.00
Seats Open: 14
Instructor: Gamerdinger, Lyn M
Dates: 08/22/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 09:30am-11:50am
Room: B040

Offering number: 101-113-002

CRN: 10012
Tuition/fee: $583.00
Seats Open: 18
Instructor: Gamerdinger, Lyn M
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