Small Business Center

Starting and growing a small business is about combining your courage and dreams with the right knowledge. The WCTC Small Business Center helps you acquire that knowledge through a wide variety of affordable classes, services, events and more.

Get started on your path to success by attending a 145-445 FaSTart Workshop. To view the schedule of classes click on the current Full Class Schedule (pdf) and call 262.691.5578 (option 1) to register.

Fall 2016 Class Schedule (pdf)

Spring 2017 Class Schedule

Classes (Non-credit)

Small Business Classes

Start-up Basics

Business Planning




Small Business Growth

Computer Technology

Small Business Certificate (Non-credit)

Attend the following courses to obtain the optional Small Business Certificate, $200 scholarship and FREE chamber membership. Attendance at 75% of all class meetings required to qualify. There are no prerequisites and classes may be completed in any order. We highly recommend that you begin by attending a FaSTart Workshop.

Scholarship/FREE Chamber Membership

Small Business Certificate recipients are awarded a $200 scholarship and free voucher redeemable for a free one-year membership at the chamber of their choice

How to Apply

Once you complete all eight courses, e-mail Russ Roberts with your name, student ID number, address and daytime phone number. Scholarship check and free chamber voucher will be mailed with your certificate. Next step is to consider obtaining the CME credential.

Certified Micro Entrepreneur (CME)

The CME credential is awarded only to serious entrepreneurs who have committed to learning, growing and taking action. Awardees may begin displaying the "CME" credential after their last names and receive an additional $200 scholarship. Complete the following steps in any order, but completion of all steps is required to qualify.

  • Small Business Certificate
  • 145-489 Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • 145-490 Create Your 90-Day Action Plan
  • Hubspot Inbound/Inbound Sales Certificates

Annual CME Renewal

Regularly attend 145-491 Action Plan Update Sessions every 90 days to maintain CME status. Attend update sessions as your schedule allows, but do your best to attend all sessions. Annual renewal is automatic and no reporting is required.

CME Scholarship/FREE Education

CME awardees receive a $200 scholarship in addition to the $200 scholarship received for completing the Small Business Certifcate. By completing the certifcate and reaching CME status, you essentially receive a free education!

How to Apply

Once you complete all CME requirements, e-mail Russ Roberts with your name, student ID number, address, daytime phone number and both HubSpot certifcations. Scholarship check will be mailed with your CME credential.


Free One-on-One Counseling

Get expert help navigating the complexities of the business world, shortening the learning curve and increasing your chances of success.

Business Plan Express

Connect with a business planning professional for a quick, inexpensive solution for preparing a well-written plan.

Technical Assistance Program

Gain access to high-quality, experienced strategic partners who will assist you in business plan creation/polishing, QuickBooks consulting and more...all at affordable rates.

FREE HubSpot Academy Certifications

Inbound Certifcation - HubSpot's free Inbound Certifcation includes twelve classes that span the four stages of the Inbound Methodology. From optimizing your website, to landing page anatomy, to honing your inbound sales skills, this free certifcation covers the basics of what inbound is all about.

Inbound Sales Certifcation - HubSpot's free Inbound Sales Certifcation includes five classes that introduce you to the Inbound Sales Methodology. From identifying potential buyers, to developing outreach strategies, to building personalized presentations, this free certifcation covers the basics of what inbound sales is all about.

Please email Russ Roberts for information on how to access classes for HubSpot Academy Certifications.

Take a Professional to Lunch

Access our exclusive network of community-oriented professionals who have agreed to meet with start-up, emerging and established small business owners at no cost to discuss topics of interest and answer business-related questions. Our goal is provide you with the insight and guidance you need to propel your business to the next level.