Seeking Course Enrollment - Third Attempt

Seeking Course Enrollment - Third Attempt

Step 1: Complete Form

This form must be completed by students who request to repeat course(s) requiring Dean/Manager approval.

Students with a GPA below 2.00 must see their Counselor prior to making arrangements to meet with the Dean/Manager. The student and Counselor will develop a success plan, and the Counselor will notify the Dean/Manager.

Students seeking to enroll for a third attempt may not take Internet and/or accelerated classes.


General Studies/Academic Foundations (all general education courses)
School of Business (core program courses)
School of Applied Technologies (core program courses)
School of Protective and Human Services (core program courses)
Nursing (core program courses)
Allied Health (core program courses)
Learning Place

Please complete the following information and answer all questions that pertain to your request.

School ID no.
Home address
Daytime phone Cell phone
WCTC email address
Program in which you are currently enrolled
Course name you wish to repeat
Semester in which you wish to repeat the course Current overall GPA
CRN number for needed course (no online or hybrid courses are allowed)
Cumulated credits attempted and completed
Have you worked with a program counselor/advisor?
Name of counselor/advisor with whom you met
Have you ever before repeated a course at WCTC for the third time?
If so, what was the course name and the grade you received?
Do you need to repeat more than one course for the third time?
How many other credits will you be taking for the semester?
How many hours do you work per week?
How much time do you plan on studying for the requested course retake?
What other weekly obligations do you have, besides your coursework, and how many hours are involved?
Please state your plan of action as to what has changed and how, and why, you will be successful in completing the course