Surplus Sale

WCTC reserves the right to cancel this sale at any time. Terms of Purchase & Acknowledgement of Risk - WCTC employees cannot assist in moving items purchased. Purchaser agrees to accept equipment/furniture unconditionally as is and acknowledges that WCTC assumes no risk or liability in its use or removal. Further, purchaser does hereby waive, release, absolve, discharge and agree to hold harmless WCTC and their Board of Trustees, directors, officers, employees, teachers, agents, and insurers from and against any and all rights, claims, demands, causes of action, obligations, suits, liens, damages, or liabilities of any kind and character whatsoever, whether know or unknown, suspected or claimed, which the purchaser shall, or may have, in the future arising out of, based on, related to, or connected with, the purchaser’s acquisition and use of this item. PLEASE NOTE THESE ITEMS ARE USED AND CONDITION IS NOTED WHERE APPLICABLE. All items sold as is, no returns, no refunds. Please view items or ask questions prior to bidding. Bidders that do not follow through on purchases will be banned from future bidding. Items will not be shipped. Items not picked up by the posted date will be disposed of. NO LATE BIDDING (BIDS) will be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: After the bidding stops, there will be 2 to 3 business days alotted for email notification to winning bidders to be completed. All Invoices and Payments will be processed through Paypal. BIDDING WILL END ON Friday, October 24,at 7:00 p.m. Arrangements for item pickup will need to be made within one week. The last day for pick up will be Friday, November 21, 2014.

Number of current items: 203
Product Current/Starting bid  
1415-01-002 File cabinet10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-003 Perspective grids5.10Bid Now!
1415-01-004 Perspective grids5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-005 Papermaking kits10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-006 Metal horses9.00Bid Now!
1415-01-007 Portable computer station10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-008 Addressograph/cart5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-009 X-ray viewing box7.00Bid Now!
1415-01-010 Rolling cart22.00Bid Now!
1415-01-011 High stool5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-013 Pull cart10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-014 13" TV/VCR8.00Bid Now!
1415-01-015 Electric typewriter7.00Bid Now!
1415-01-016 Geri-chair5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-017 Geri-chair5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-018 Patient lift device5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-019 Sit-to-stand lift5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-020 Air staple gun11.50Bid Now!
1415-01-021 Air staple gun12.57Bid Now!
1415-01-022 Air staple gun11.75Bid Now!
1415-01-023 Air staple gun11.75Bid Now!
1415-01-026 Printer cartridge5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-027 SS Cart16.00Bid Now!
1415-01-028 SS Cart18.00Bid Now!
1415-01-029 Verticle rack10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-030 Verticle rack8.00Bid Now!
1415-01-031 Baking pans21.00Bid Now!
1415-01-032 Wine glasses5.30Bid Now!
1415-01-033 Wine glasses5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-034 Wine glasses5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-035 Tasting wine glasses6.50Bid Now!
1415-01-036 Tasting wine glasses5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-037 Tasting wine glasses7.00Bid Now!
1415-01-038 Wine glasses9.00Bid Now!
1415-01-039 Sausage Stuffer30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-040 Assorted SS Oval Platters6.26Bid Now!
1415-01-041 SS Serving Bowls10.50Bid Now!
1415-01-042 Assorted Serving Items6.25Bid Now!
1415-01-043 Assorted Serving Pedestal Bowls/Lids6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-044 Assorted Serving Lids/Bowls6.50Bid Now!
1415-01-045 Assorted Serving Lids/Bowls6.05Bid Now!
1415-01-046 Assorted Serving Lids/Bowls6.50Bid Now!
1415-01-047 Trunnion Kettle100.00Bid Now!
1415-01-048 Mixer400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-049 Sheet Trays10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-050 Sheet Trays10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-051 Sheet Trays6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-052 Sheet Trays6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-053 Sheet Trays6.37Bid Now!
1415-01-054 Sheet Trays5.26Bid Now!
1415-01-055 Sheet Trays5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-056 Sheet Trays6.50Bid Now!
1415-01-057 Sheet Trays5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-058 Sheet Trays5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-059 Sheet Trays7.00Bid Now!
1415-01-060 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-061 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-062 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A10.50Bid Now!
1415-01-063 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-064 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-065 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-066 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-067 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-068 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-069 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-070 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-071 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-073 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.55Bid Now!
1415-01-074 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-075 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-076 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-077 Oscilloscope BK Precision 2160A6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-078 Oscilloscope LG OS-9020A10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-079 Oscilloscope LG OS-9020A5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-080 Oscilloscope LG OS-9020A6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-081 Oscilloscope LG OS-9020A5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-082 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-084 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-088 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 10.01Bid Now!
1415-01-089 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 20.50Bid Now!
1415-01-090 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 20.00Bid Now!
1415-01-091 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 10.50Bid Now!
1415-01-092 Oscilloscope Agilent 54621A Digital 30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-093 Iwatsu sc-340 Scope Calibrator20.00Bid Now!
1415-01-094 FluKe 515A Portable Calibrator5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-095 Function Generator Tekronix CFG250 15.00Bid Now!
1415-01-096 Function Generator Tekronix CFG250 5.25Bid Now!
1415-01-097 Function Generator Tekronix CFG25010.00Bid Now!
1415-01-098 Function Generator Tekronix CFG2505.00Bid Now!
1415-01-099 Function Generator Tekronix CFG2505.01Bid Now!
1415-01-100 Function Generator Tenma 72-50106.00Bid Now!
1415-01-101 Function Generator Tenma 72-501010.00Bid Now!
1415-01-102 Function Generator Tenma 72-50105.00Bid Now!
1415-01-103 Function Generator Tenma 72-50105.01Bid Now!
1415-01-104 Function Generator Tenma 72-50105.00Bid Now!
1415-01-105 Function Generator Tenma 72-50156.00Bid Now!
1415-01-107 Multimeter HP 34401A75.00Bid Now!
1415-01-109 HP 53131A Universal Counter10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-110 HP 53131A Universal Counter10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-111 Metal coat cabinet5.50Bid Now!
1415-01-112 Metal coat cabinet5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-113 File Cabinet 4 drawer5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-114 File Cabinet 4 drawer5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-115 File Cabinet 4 drawer5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-116 Metal cabinet16.00Bid Now!
1415-01-117 Metal cabinet10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-118 30 Metal cabinet5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-119 PLC Allen Bradley parts-33 pieces including 6 panelview 550, 7 SLC504161.10Bid Now!
1415-01-120 20" CRT (tube) TV, combo unit5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-121 13" CRT (tube) Monitor5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-122 41" CRT (tube) Monitor5.03Bid Now!
1415-01-123 Bundle item: Staple Gun (w/staples), Engraver Electric Pencil, & Glu11.51Bid Now!
1415-01-124 Sony Computer Speakers5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-125 Sony Computer Speakers5.50Bid Now!
1415-01-126 Sony Computer Speakers w/ headphones6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-127 Sony Computer Speakers w/ headphones8.00Bid Now!
1415-01-128 Labtec Computer Speakers5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-129 Labtec Computer Speakers5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-130 Analog Document Camera10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-132 Audio Cassette Recorder/player with headphones5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-133 Audio Cassette Recorder/player with headphones5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-134 Audio Cassette Recorder/player with headphones15.05Bid Now!
1415-01-135 Transparency Over Head Projector5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-136 Box of Bulbs (not sold seperately)5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-137 8 Medium Security Combination Padlock5.03Bid Now!
1415-01-138 Electric Typewriter15.00Bid Now!
1415-01-139 Small Camera Bag5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-140 Two Tier Metal Cart with bottom cabinet10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-141 Apple iMac401.00Bid Now!
1415-01-142 Apple iMac401.00Bid Now!
1415-01-143 Apple iMac401.00Bid Now!
1415-01-144 Apple iMac450.00Bid Now!
1415-01-145 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-146 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-147 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-148 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-149 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-150 Apple iMac450.00Bid Now!
1415-01-151 Apple iMac450.00Bid Now!
1415-01-152 Apple iMac425.00Bid Now!
1415-01-153 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-154 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-155 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-156 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-157 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-158 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-159 Apple iMac450.00Bid Now!
1415-01-160 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-161 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-162 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-163 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-164 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-165 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-166 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-167 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-168 Apple iMac400.00Bid Now!
1415-01-169 Apple iMac473.00Bid Now!
1415-01-170 Apple iMac410.00Bid Now!
1415-01-171 Apple iMac425.00Bid Now!
1415-01-172 Apple iMac410.00Bid Now!
1415-01-173 Apple iMac500.00Bid Now!
1415-01-174 Apple Mac Pro computer/monitor205.00Bid Now!
1415-01-175 Apple MacBook Pro laptop253.01Bid Now!
1415-01-196 Dell Laptop107.00Bid Now!
1415-01-197 Dell Laptop103.00Bid Now!
1415-01-198 Dell Laptop80.00Bid Now!
1415-01-199 Dell Laptop77.00Bid Now!
1415-01-200 Dell Laptop80.00Bid Now!
1415-01-201 Dell Laptop81.00Bid Now!
1415-01-202 Dell Laptop85.00Bid Now!
1415-01-203 Dell Laptop107.00Bid Now!
1415-01-204 Dell Laptop93.00Bid Now!
1415-01-205 Dell Laptop103.00Bid Now!
1415-01-207 HP EliteBook130.00Bid Now!
1415-01-208 HP Thin Client50.01Bid Now!
1415-01-209 HP Thin Client50.00Bid Now!
1415-01-210 HP Thin Client50.00Bid Now!
1415-01-211 Dell Laser Printer53.00Bid Now!
1415-01-212 Dell Laser Printer40.00Bid Now!
1415-01-213 Snom VOIP Telephone30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-214 Snom VOIP Telephone30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-215 Snom VOIP Telephone30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-216 Snom VOIP Telephone30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-217 Snom VOIP Telephone30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-218 Snom VOIP Telephone30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-219 Snom VOIP Telephone20.00Bid Now!
1415-01-220 Nortel VOIP Telephone20.00Bid Now!
1415-01-221 VOIP Loud Speaker10.00Bid Now!
1415-01-222 Three Wooden Drawers5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-223 Three Wooden Drawers5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-224 Three Wooden Drawers5.01Bid Now!
1415-01-225 DC Power Supply7.00Bid Now!
1415-01-226 23 Glass Bottles6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-227 31 Burettes5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-228 15 Burettes5.00Bid Now!
1415-01-229 Butcher Block Wood25.00Bid Now!
1415-01-230 Butcher Block Wood30.00Bid Now!
1415-01-231 Butcher Block Wood25.00Bid Now!
1415-01-232 42' Fifth Wheel Trailer40000.00Bid Now!
1415-01-235 Birthing Simulator1000.00Bid Now!
1415-01-236 Magazine Bins6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-237 Magazine Bins6.00Bid Now!
1415-01-234 Selectric Typewriter10.48Bid Now!