District Board

Board members are qualified to serve and provide a critical balancing perspective on WCTC's vision and direction. In addition to nine appointed members, there are four non-voting representatives: a WCTC student representative, a WCTC faculty representative, a WCTC support staff representative, and a WCTC Association of Professionals representative.

WCTC board members live, work, and pay taxes in our district and include a school district administrator, an elected official, current and former students, and organized labor and business leaders. The WCTC Board is a cohesive, interdependent team that works and serves well together.

Board Members

Pauline Jaske

Pauline Jaske, Board Chair


The President and CEO of Fairway Transit Inc., lives in the City of New Berlin, and has been a Board member since 2001.

Mary Wehrheim

Mary Wehrheim, Vice Chair

The President of Stanek Tool Corporation, lives in the City of Pewaukee, and was appointed to the Board in July 2008.

Patricia Deklotz

Patricia Deklotz, Secretary/Treasurer

The Superintendent of Kettle Moraine School District, lives in the City of Delafield, and was appointed to the Board in November 2011.

Mary Baer

Mary Baer

The Director of Membership Development for the Waukesha County Business Alliance, Inc., lives in the City of Waukesha, and was appointed to the board in September 2010.

Ronald Bertieri

Ronald Bertieri

Former President/CEO of Friction Stir Link, Inc., lives in the Village of Menomonee Falls, and has been a Board member since 1995.

Luis Hernandez, Jr.

Luis Hernandez, Jr.

The President of Urethane Systems Plus, Inc., lives in the City of Waukesha, and was appointed to the Board in January 2013.

Alan A. Karch

Alan A. Karch

The Manufacturing Plant Manager for Bruno Independent Living Aids, lives in the City of Delafield, and was appointed to the Board in January 2013.

James Riley

James Riley

The Vice President of Waukesha State Bank, lives in the Town of Ottawa, and was appointed to the Board in August 2008.

Elizabeth Thelen

Elizabeth Thelen

Coach/Facilitator/Speaker of Be! Business Growth Consulting, lives in the Town of Ixonia, and was appointed to the Board in July 2010.

Board Appointment

The members of the board are appointed by a board appointment committee composed of the county board chairpersons of the counties included, all or in part, in the WCTC district including Waukesha, Dodge, Jefferson, and Racine. The chairperson of the Waukesha County Board, the most populous portion of our district, serves as district board appointment chair. Representation on the board is apportioned throughout the district as set forth in section 38.08, paragraph 2 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Application for Candidacy to the WCTC District Board

Apply for Membership

Individuals may apply for board membership* in five categories

  • Employer: A person who makes hiring and firing decisions. The business must be located within WCTC's district (Waukesha County). You may work in a non-district office of a major district business.
  • Employee: An employee who does not have the final authority to hire and fire.
  • School District Administrator: A school district superintendent, supervising principal or person who acts as the administrative head of a school district and who holds an administrator's license.
  • Elected Official: Any local or state elected official who is not a political party committee person.
  • Additional Member: Any adult who is a district resident.


There are four important requirements all candidates for WCTC board membership must meet in order to be eligible. They must:

  1. Be residents of the WCTC district
  2. Submit a properly completed application/affidavit that is received by the district board appointment committee within 14 days of the published announcement.
  3. Attend the district board appointment public hearing in person to be interviewed;
  4. Have at least two written references submitted before the scheduled public hearing.

*Board members are not salaried; however, they will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of board member duties.

Code of Ethics

District board members are required to abide by the State of Wisconsin Code of Ethics. If you are selected as a district board member, you must file a financial disclosure statement with the State of Wisconsin Ethics Board.

Some Responsibilities of a WCTC Board Member

  • Provide governance for the college
  • Attend bi-monthly public board meetings (2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month)
  • Represent the college at state and national meetings
  • Be involved in the life of the college by attending additional events such as
    • Graduation
    • Awards Banquets
    • Legislator Breakfast, and more
  • Be interested in and supportive of the college mission
  • Responsibly represent the community
  • Be willing and comfortable supporting the college to the public
  • Be willing to devote at least 10 hours per month of your time
  • Professional development opportunities
    • Attend quarterly meetings of the Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association that broaden a member's understanding of the technical college system.
    • Attend conferences of the Association of Community College Trustees to gain a national perspective.

Board membership is a rewarding volunteer job that takes a commitment of your time and hard work. The District Board Appointment Committee for WCTC welcomes applications for board membership each spring when terms of office are due for appointment.